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Parish Councillors

Councillor Flo. Campbell

I have lived in the village for 45 years and been on the Parish Council for the last 18. For the last 15 years of this I have been the Chairman.

I was formally the Multi Site Manager with the NAAFI based at Marne Barracks but finished my working career at the Co-op in the village.

Councillor Wyrill

I have lived and worked at Leases Farm, East Appleton, (between Catterick Village and Hackforth), all my life. I am a dairy farmer in partnership with my brother.

I have been a Parish Councillor since July 2019.

Councillor Anne Claypole

I have lived in the village for 6 years with my daughter and partner and you will frequently see me walking my dog Paddington.

I can also be spotted running through the village training for one event or another. My favourite thing about the village is the lovely people who live here.

Councillor Simon Young

Councillor Eddie Oselton

Councillor Lin Ryan

Councillor Shirley Bhatti

Diane Kirkham

Parish Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer.